Femi Adebayo and wife
Femi Adebayo and wife

Femi Adebayo Writes Heartwarming Message To Wife On Her Birthday

Second time seems to be the charm for Femi Adebayo as he showers encomium on his wife on her birthday.

Pearl Emmanuel

Yoruba actor, Femi Adebayo, has been married twice and divorced from his first wife. The first wife, according to sources, has since remarried and has a child for her new husband, Mr Balogun.

The actor, like his first wife, has put that marriage behind him and has built a new life with his second wife. He recently expressed his love for her in a heartwarming message on Instagram.

Read his message below.

Femi Adebayo and wife
Femi Adebayo and wife
Happy birthday to my darling wife, my joy, my happiness, my ex-girlfriend, my mum, my gist partner, my all in all😁 ... Aduke every 18th of September is a day you cherish so much before I met you, and you automatically made me see reasons why the day is special! It’s a day in which a woman with a golden heart was born!..Omotayo, you are an extreme loyalist of whatever you believe in, hence my number one critic and loyalist! You bring so much joy not only to me but to our family... LLNP honey.... and for the most precious gift (Aridunnu) God gave me through you, I shall eternally be grateful for the cutest boy I’ve ever seen in my entire life! My final proposal to you Aduke is please BE MINE TILL ETERNITY! 😊😁💋💋💋💋💋. I love you @iyanaladuke
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