Laura Ikeji and husband
Laura Ikeji and husband

More Trouble In Laura Ikeji’s Paradise

Pearl Emmanuel

It seems the one-time fairy tale of Laura Ikeji and her husband has sailed into oblivion.

Happenings reported earlier form a source close to the Ikejis that Laura and Ogbonna Kanu's marriage had hit the rocks.

Further revelations have come to light and our source reveals Laura allegedly refused to see Ogbonna's flaws because she was desperate for marriage and painted a fairytale to the world which never existed.

Our source, who pleads anonymity, claims the Ikeji family complained about the fact that Ogbonna had no known source of income before the wedding. But Laura came up with different excuses and went ahead to get pregnant for the former footballer who constantly lives under his younger brother, Kanu Nwankwo's shadow.

That was one of the major reasons, Amara, wife of Kanu, took to Instagram to call out Ogbonna to give her family some breathing space.

It has now been revealed that after his marriage to Laura, her friends, especially MC Galaxy, and her younger brother disrespected Ogbonna openly.

Laura allegedly gave Ogbonna an ultimatum to do something meaningful with his life but he only managed to come up with plans to build a football academy which needed huge funds to come to life.

The fashion influencer couldn't take it anymore and has since asked for space from her husband. This was also the reason he wasn't spotted in pictures taken during the Ikejis' recent trip to Dubai. He, according to our source, couldn't fund the trip and Linda refused to fund it.

Our source claims Ogbonna has been begging Laura to take him back and promises to change but the influencer isn't buying it, as she is bent on living her best life.

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