Is Another Fight Brewing Between Mercy And Tacha Of BBNaija?
Mercy and Tacha 

Is Another Fight Brewing Between Mercy And Tacha Of BBNaija?

Mercy and Tacha seem to be holding on to a grudge. Here’s why!

Pearl Emmanuel

Tacha and Mercy were perceived as two formidable forces who steered clear of each other while in the house.

They related cordially but it was obvious to viewers that they were both celebrities in their own right.

Like the saying, ‘There can't be two captains in one ship', the two Big Brother Naija housemates were constantly at each other’s throats, which escalated into a huge fight that led to Tacha's disqualification.

Their fans went agog on social media with memes and comments. A few weeks later, at the end of the reality show, Mercy made a video in which she and Tacha seemed cozy and told their fans to also get along.

This did not seem to last long, as fans thrived more on the dispute between the duo.

It is hard to know if the housemates are still on talking terms, as they have taken to throwing shades at each other.

Mercy advised young ladies aspiring to contest in the BBNaija reality show next year to play the game according to Big Brother's rules and try not to be disqualified but be evicted normally.

Ever since Mercy granted that interview, Tacha has gone into full shade mode and has been throwing shades at Mercy.

Tacha was seen in Abuja telling her fans that she drinks Moet. Of course, she was referring to Mercy's Moet and Hennessey deal which turned out to be false.

Tacha's latest post throws another direct shade at Mercy, with the caption implying that Mercy's as* is made of plastic and if she stands too close to the heat, it will melt.

It is hard to decipher if this is showbiz and a ploy to remain on the lips of fans. But if it is not, then Tacha and Mercy might be secretly preparing for another physical fight outside the house.

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