Speed Darlington
Speed Darlington

“I Will Slap You When I Catch You,” Speed Darlington Tells Tunde Ednut

Pearl Emmanuel

Speed Darlington seems to be raging with anger, all thanks to social media entertainer and blogger, Tunde Ednut.

The singer warned Tunde Ednut in a video that is currently trending on social media not to post his videos or any of his contents on his platform ever again.

Speed Darlington called Tunde Ednut names in the video, claiming he is a failed blogger and artist, also adding that he will slap him if he ever sets eyes on him.

In the video, Speed Darlington was caught saying;

“Tunde Ednut, irrelevant cunt, failed musician, failed blogger, failed at everything he has ever tried.”

Could it be Tunde Ednut’s recent post about Speed Darlington’s “ugly” face that is getting him worked up?

Well, all fingers are crossed as we hope to get more light shed on this matter.

Speed Darlington is a US Based Nigerian rapper and songwriter who came to limelight after Diddy took to Instagram to share a video of him trying to explain the meaning of his song ‘Bang dada dang.’

He started up as a dancer though in Queen Achakpo band far back in the 1990s

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