Davido And Hushpuppi
Davido And Hushpuppi

Davido And Hushpuppi Reunite In Dubai


Popular Nigerian music superstar, Davido, has shared a video of himself with his fellow Nigerian billionaire, Raymond ‘Hushpuppi’ Igbalodely, enjoying each other’s company on the streets of Dubai alongside a few other people.

The two Nigerian money bags hailed each other as they cheerfully yelled the other's nickname into the camera.

The pair of billionaires seemed to be in very high spirits together which must have come as a huge shock to lots of their fans.

Owing to the bad blood between the two Nigerian celebrities back in 2017, which started on social media, fans were expecting nothing short of a raging war if the two ever met in person.

Sometimes in March 2017, Hushpuppi had taken to social media to call out the pop star, Davido for not being able to match his (Hushpuppi) wealth, as there is a difference between being an Omo baba Olowo (child of a rich man) and being the Olowo(rich man) himself.

The Malaysian-based billionaire had buttressed his point by going to club Quilox that night and spending the whopping sum of N11.5 million at the club. This jab was thrown at Davido both on Instagram and Snap chat.

And of course, the artiste did not stay quiet at this. He replied his contender on his snap chat by posting a screenshot of his bank statement. He wrote along with the screenshot that all of the money in the account was his alone that he worked for and earned with his music unlike the former who had probably never sung a day in his life.

He didn't stop there, he also made sure to throw a couple of insults of his own at the other millionaire, saying no one even knew the true source of his riches. He advised him to hop on a private jet back to Malaysia because there was no room in Nigeria for him, adding that Malaysia was probably only managing him just as well.

But all of this beef seemed to be a thing of the past as of last night in Dubai. The two were all smiles and there seemed to be no strain at all in their friendship.

Davido And Hushpuppi
Davido And Hushpuppi
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