I Was An Introvert But Fame Came Too Early - Sir Shina Peters

I Was An Introvert But Fame Came Too Early - Sir Shina Peters

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

The Nigerian music industry has witnessed many musicians and singer but In the Juju Music genre in Nigeria, Sir Shina Peters remains an eligible candidate for success. While most of his contemporaries have left the music scene, the singer is still rubbing shoulders with the younger generation of artists today.

During a chat with the ”Social Circuit” media house, Sir Shina was asked a bit about his childhood and what it was like growing up. He replied that he was doing little or nothing and that he was an introvert who adores his privacy but fame came too early and took everything away, including his shyness.

His words:

”Unknown to many, I am a very shy person and an introvert but I lost all that to music. If I had my way, I would have preferred a private lifestyle with my family but God had other plans for me. I was already a music star at nine, which means I didn’t have the opportunity of a normal childhood. I didn’t grow up with my peers; I was always in the midst of elders and I became an adult quickly.”

Sir Shina Peters, who was born in Ogun State, began his music career when he teamed up with Olushina and his twelve fantastic brothers.

He then taught himself how to play the piano, later on, he join Ebenezer Obey’s band and later General Prince Adekunle’s band as a guitar player. Fate eventually gave him a chance when Adekunle fell ill and Sir Shina had to act as lead singer.

Towards the prime of his career he teamed up with juju maestro, Segun Adewale but they split. It was after this that became a solo singer which resulted to stage name, ‘Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars.’

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