Read Timi Dakolo’s Advice To Couples
Timi Dakolo

Read Timi Dakolo’s Advice To Couples

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian singer and father of three, Timi Dakolo, has given ladies a piece of advice on how best to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The singer gave the advice in a recent Instagram post, where he maintained that a true lover is one who relieves her spouse of his workload.

He shared a screenshot of his Twitter post, which read: "If your boo says they will be really busy tomorrow, please go and busy With them. Go and take some of the workload off them. That’s what true love will do.#valentinetweet."

The singer went further to caption the screenshot thus: "Go and busy with them o, show that you care. In fact, move in tonight. So you can start early.#valentinethings #wediehere."

Dakolo also stated that couples do not have to wait until February 14 to make their spouse feel special. He then shared a picture of his wife after receiving a bouquet of flowers he had ordered online.

"Let me do my Valentine today,Tomorrow I will be really busy. Thank you @veronicasgifts for coming through. @busoladakolo turn off the light, let Us reason together.#valentinetweet."

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