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Actors guild

Actors’ Guild Sets Up Fundraising Committee For Asuzu

Bernard Femi

The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Mr Emeka Rollas, announced that the body has set up a committee to raise funds for their ailing member, Ernest Asuzu.

Mr Emeka told the ‘News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)‘ on Wednesday that other members of the guild had started responding to the directives of the association towards assisting their ailing colleague.

AGN is the umbrella body that regulates the affairs of Nigerian film actors both in Nigeria and abroad.

It is also reported that Asuzu had been down with stroke since 2015.

Rollas said, “Ernest Asuzu is one of us.

“I have always identified with him since he developed stroke until there was a break in communication between us, but thank God that we have reconnected.

“We are following up on our promises and have swung into action by setting up a special fundraising committee for him through which our members can assist him.”

Rollas said the better idea was to raise money for him and his wife to take care of their daily needs.

He also said that the body is planning to move Asuzu to a better hospital in Abuja to get better treatment. He is also optimistic that the association would achieve this with necessary assistance and help from other Nigerians.

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