Chacha Eke-Faani Explains Why She Stopped Wearing Makeup

Chacha Eke-Faani Explains Why She Stopped Wearing Makeup


Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke- Faani, in a video, explained why she stopped using heavy makeups and photoshop for her pictures.

She said she no longer wants to be under the pressure of having to look good all the time as it is a fake lifestyle.

She also talked about her current weight loss and how the pressure of looking all-time fly got to her to the extent of using different products on her skin which didn’t make any difference.

She narrated how it was a waste of funds as she was spending her children’s money on things that were not worth it.

She said, "All the times that I used to photoshop my pictures, edit it like.. *laughs*

“Some kind of editing wash away your blemishes like you have almost washed away your sins.

“Now, that is a lie. I can't be living that lie, that is a lot kind of pressure and I am speaking from a personal standpoint. Some people you see out there looking flawless, that is not the real them.

“You will see them in real life and won’t know it's them. Social media has brought about this level of scam and I am not one to participate in it.....I mean some people are out there looking so perfect like a painting na lie na Wash we call Audio beauty ...

Come out in real life and step out in real life let's know

do you got real?

Some of you are done!"

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