James Brown Celebrates 21st Birthday 

James Brown Celebrates 21st Birthday 


James Brown, a Nigerian social media celebrity and enthusiast who first came into the fame spot light back in 2018 has recently celebrated his 21st year on earth.

The Igbo dancer took to his instagram page recently to post a picture of himself, wishing himself a happy birthday, adding that he still could not believe that he had actually made it to twenty one.

He also used the opportunity to recall all the hardships he had suffered in life before he could get to where he is presently.

His post read: “Hey Durling it my birthday wow am so happy!!!!! I can’t believe I make to my 21 years omg with everything I have pass in my life I’m so happy to make it here. I can remember when I use to hawk in the street of Lagos, I can remember when I use to beg for transportation to go work, Thank God the bills are being paid with no stress. God has changed my story through entertainment. I love you all.”

One of his struggles that Nigerians can recall was the very one that made him popular back in August 2018; when the youth dancer was arrested by the Nigerian police along side 56 others like him at a night club somewhere in Egbeda Lagos. They were suspected to have been involved in gay activities which everyone knows is against the Nigerian laws.

James Brown was particularly singled out from his other friends because of his popular repeated statement, "They did not caught me" and "there was no caught" which captured the attention of Nigerians nationwide, as he tried to defend his actions and prove himself innocent.

It was in the process of defending his honor that Mr Brown revealed to the television journalists that he was HIV positive and that he had told the police this, but they had still arrested him.

And when asked how he had contacted the virus, he revealed that he had gotten it through birth.

James Brown also became more popular when he was finally released from police custody and Bobrisky, a fellow Nigerian cross dresser, who had taken pity upon him for his HIV status and gave him an amount of money to take care of himself.

Brown later confessed that he had lied about being HIV positive.

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