Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

My Mum Sold Her Flight Ticket To Pay My School Fees - Yemi Alade

Oyekunle Idowu

Yemi Alade, in a recent Instagram post, reminisced about the time her mother sacrificed her economy class ticket so she could pay her (Yemi Alade) school fees.

The singer said even though her mother now flies business class, she can't forget the time she had to sacrifice her economy ticket so she could go to school.

She made this known while showing off her mum while in London. According to her, her mum did make some sacrifices for her to be able to go to school.

"London is more than just a City to my family, it marks a time in our lives (20yrs ago), when mum had to sell her Economy class ticket to pay my Primary 6 school fees. Today we Fly Business Class!🌠🌠✈✈ #Next Stop #amsterdam🇳🇱," she captioned the photo.

Yemi Alade is one of the biggest celebrities in this part of the world. Her music career has spanned a decade and can be described as one of the outstanding and successful artistes in Nigeria and in Africa.

From the moment she dropped her hit song, 'Johnny', Yemi Alade's career has grown leap and bounds. She has toured in so many countries across the globe with sold-out concerts under her belt.

She has collaborated with some other international artists to create amazing music like her most recent feature with grammy award-winning singer, Angelique Kidjo.

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