The Only Thing Nigerians Respect More Than Religion Is Fear - Simi

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian songstress, Simi, has stressed the need to utilize the power of fear in enforcing the practice of self-isolation and social distancing on people.

According to the singer, the best way to get people to listen is to instil fear in them, or they may not heed to the warning of practising self-isolation.

She also emphasized the importance of shutting everything down in a recent tweet.

Read what she tweeted below:

“At this point, we might need to change that strategy because the only thing Nigerians respect more than religion is fear.

“Everything needs to be shut down. Not later. Now!"

A Twitter user responded to the singer’s tweet by stating that self-isolation will not work in Nigeria because people make ends meet by buying and selling and they would have to leave their houses to do that.

The Twitter user further noted that the fact that the Nigerian government has no plans in place to cater to the needs of her citizens would also make a lockdown impossible.

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