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Lewd Actress Cossy Orjiakor Cries For Sex

Lewd Actress Cossy Orjiakor Cries For Sex


About a fortnight ago, the popular actress, Cossy Orjiakor left a cry for help on her social media page. According to her, she was in dire need of sex.

Consequently, her male fans were falling over one themselves to render ‘selfless service’.

Furthermore, shocking her fans at how daring she could be to publicly announce her sexual deprivation.

It is unbelievable that Cossy Orjiakor is sexually starved because she has her pick of men.

Then again, it may be her way of stirring controversy, because Cossy is known for projecting a ‘bad girl’ persona. As an actress living in Nigeria, she is quite daring and crosses the line most actresses would not.

Although women in this part of the world are not known to advertise their sexuality.

Cossy daringly advertises hers.