Pics: ‘The Chronicles of the Nigerian’ takes center stage

Pics: ‘The Chronicles of the Nigerian’ takes center stage

Fola Akintomide

One thing that defines a play that stands out among others is a good script, an incomparable structure, fully realized characters, and a dramatic premise that goes right to the hearts of those in the audience. ‘The Chronicles of the Nigerian’, a play written by Joy Isi Bewaji, is a total package in terms of the script and the perfect interpretation by the Crown Troupe of Nigeria.

The stage-play which was directed by renowned stage actor and the founder of the above mentioned group, Segun Adefila took place on the 1st of March 2015, at the Ethnic Heritage Centre in Ikoyi, Lagos.

“The Chronicles of the Nigerian” pay home to lovers of the art who were awaken by the realities of the typical Nigerian life. It was a satirical representation of the daily struggles the citizen of this nation go through on a daily basis.

The stage play which was a combination of different excerpt from the writer dealt with issues such as love, election, unemployment, education, and politics amongst others which was perfectly interpreted and brought to life by Segun Adefila led crew; speaking with the director, he said: “I was taught in school that every play script or text one has to deal with is letter from the writer to the audience and what the interpreter are out to do is to read this letter; but everyone here today can read and understand, so what Crown Troupe has done today is to give life to dead text”.

No doubt the drummers were exceptional with the introduction of lovely tunes to every scene when it’s needed, the actors and actresses didn’t just wowed the crowd who were basking in the euphoria of the story line but they also put a smile on every one’s face.

But all this can’t be achieved without the creativeness and spontaneity on the writer Joy Isi Bewaji who marveled at the success of the show and gave credit to the Crown Troupe. “We have worked on so many projects, but I will like to say that it’s work of a genius to interpret 21 scripts. I’m very proud of them and I look forward to more collaboration with them”.

The artistic giant, Tunji Shotimirin was on ground to entertain the guests with his rare show of talent and sweet rendition.

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