#TheConversation: On the matter of Sexism

#TheConversation: On the matter of Sexism

Joy Bewaji

If you question tradition, norms and stereotypes, I invite you to join us for a discussion on Sexism and the culture of sexual objectification.

What is your story?

What sexist issues do you contend with daily?

Are you fed with shame for being of a certain gender, or size?

What are the prejudices you suffer, exclusively for being who you are?

Have you been denied anything based on your anatomy? Or enjoy certain favours with regard to physical or sexual pointers?

Flattery and downright sexist display; are the lines blur?

Is the media the biggest promoter of sexism?

These and more we shall discuss at the fourth edition of #TheConversation, holding in Lagos.

We are analysing patriarchy, traditions, social patterns and habits.

I believe people are crushed beneath the weight of social expectations, beneath the voice of tradition.

It is time to rattle the status quo.

-Because our children must inherit a better society, designed to prosper both genders.

Date: Sunday. September 20, 2015

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