#TheConversation: Child Sexual Abuse is not a “family matter”.

#TheConversation: Child Sexual Abuse is not a “family matter”.

Joy Bewaji

A friend’s 8 year daughter was sexually molested by an 18 year old neighbour.

She (my friend) was bullied to “forget the issue”, and when she wouldn’t…when she wouldn’t allow the matter rest…when she refused to see this as “a small thing nah; after all dem nor dey write am for face say man hand enter inside vagina”…

She was burned. The 18 year old neighbour’s mother poured hot water on her. The police looked the other way. She still carries the scars- physically and emotionally.

We’ve been friends for a while, she was only able to share the story recently. She broke down. The pain is palpable.

The best she could do for her daughter was move out of that neighbourhood.

Moving out and moving on have been the only outcome in issues of rape and sexual abuse in our society.

And THAT, my people, is why we need to confront this issue.

Child Sexual Abuse is not a “family matter”.

We bring it to the open, so we can identify paedophilia, acknowledge its deceit and be aware of the appropriate ways to finding justice and also, ways to attend to the psychological damage on the child.

I was a guest on TVC morning show, Your View, two days ago…

The story was said of a woman who rushed into the premises of the TV station, with a child in her arms, crying over his ravaged anus, penetrated perpetually by his own father…

A 3 year old boy in pain because daddy can’t seem to stop ramming his penis into the little boy’s anus.

Mother is clueless, TV station says they cannot carry the story, everybody sighs, shakes head…

And life carries on.

Let us begin to demystify paedophilia. Let us expose these criminals. Take the shame away from the little victims.

Let us protect our children.

Join us in a conversation on Child Rape tomorrow, Sunday, November 8 at Oriental Hotel as our speakers bring to us the stories we need to hear and how to guard our children; and ultimately, get justice for child rape.

Time is 2pm.

See you there!

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