Photos: Africa4Her: Empowerment Through the Arts

Photos: Africa4Her: Empowerment Through the Arts


Happenings magazine was at the Africa4Her arts exhibition held Saturday, August 20th, 2016 at Terra Kulture which featured young girls showcasing their artworks. We caught up with some of the girls and found out that apart from being very brilliant on the canvass, they are a conglomeration of beauty, brains and poise. These ones will go a long way because they know what they are doing. The facilitator, Mr Kunle Adewale, too was wonderful. Below are responses to a couple of questions we asked participants randomly as well as photos:

Kunle Adewale
  • How do you think the Nigerian fine arts can improve?

Kunle Adewale: It can improve by making sure that whatever we do includes women, and giving these women the opportunity to learn and grow so they can be successful in whatever they do.

Oluwatosin Akintola: Nigerian Arts can improve through policies that enhance that very concept and appreciating individual creativity.

Kemi Adelugba: I think it is for us Nigerians to go back to roots and culture. We should stop following the majority and go back to what makes us Nigerians. If we do that, the Nigerian arts will improve.

Favour Uwaifo: By empowering young girls the way they are doing now to be better people.

Agboola Abisola: Nigerian art can improve by creating awareness on its value; Not just the aesthetic value, the all round value too is very important.

  • What do you think individuals who are gifted in arts can do to create more awareness on arts and culture?

Kunle Adewale: Practice! Practice! Practice! Keep practising, you will be good.

Oluwatumininu Gbebire: I think there are so many people out there who are really gifted but they do not have any opportunity to express themselves. I think there should be platforms like this for people to show their talents.

Mary Adedare: I think they need people to empower them to be better people and be useful for themselves and the society.

Oyinkansola: If you really have a passion for arts, there is nothing you will not be able to achieve. Nothing should stop you from living your dream because it will be inbuilt in you and you will make it, just keep pushing.

Okorie Enaje: Arts is not a one day thing. You have to keep practising. Exhibition and gatherings like this too are important in meeting people with like minds who will help their art. The more exposed you are the better you are.

Ijeoma: They can improve more if they work more on themselves. If there is a platform for encouragement they will be motivated to be the best at what they are doing.

Esther: They can improve themselves by practising, believing they can do it and not giving up. Art is about how you can express yourself. It is so wide that one cannot see the end of it. Just pick an aspect you like and do it well.

Opeyemi: Art is something that comes from within; everybody is an artist. Mr. Kunle said, “anybody can draw as long as you can handle a pencil and draw a circle”. What I think upcoming artists need is encouragement from their family and friends and everybody that knows about their art.

  • By ranking, what percentage would you place Nigeria on the art scale?

 Kunle Adewale: Well, we are still coming up. We are not there yet.

Mary Akinsade: I think Nigeria still has a long way to go as far as art is concerned, but we have improved a lot.

Modupe Olorunfemi: We have to do more. My understanding of Nigeria is that we do not really appreciate what we have. When we go outside Nigeria our artworks are always really appreciated.

Abosede: I think it is only few people that really appreciate art. I think it is beyond the works they did which are fantastic by the way; I think it is about the people doing the work. Nigerians do not really appreciate art work although there are still a few people who still do. I don’t think Nigerians give arts the credit it deserves. But I know this is one of the forums that arts get to take the fore front.

Obi Chineye: I think we are there already, from the exhibitions you have seen here today. I think we just need a way to push it out to the public.

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