Almanah Hope Foundation (AHF): Transition with Transformation

Almanah Hope Foundation (AHF): Transition with Transformation


by Tushbee

AHF was incorporated in January 2017 with a mission to bridge the gap between the cold hands of stigmatization and the financial / economic hardship that plague widows. It is founded with the core objective of shielding and rehabilitating widows from several ordeals peculiar to their situation.
With this in view, we have an ambition to create a conducive setting, where widows can have a relaxing and recreational atmosphere, which will not only foster friendship among women but a mentorship program.

It is our aim to build confidence and hope for widows, by empowering her socially and economically, thus we kick off our foundation with a Walk for Charity, as a commemoration of the International Widow’s Day, which will be an annual exercise that is expected to spread to other states of the federation.

About the Founder:

Hope Ifeyinwa Nwakwesi is a motivated individual with  a strong belief in God, She takes on a practical approach to problem solving. Her drive to succeed, is a factor that enhances her ability to overcome challenges and see things to its conclusion, as can be seen from her book A Widow’s Window. Hope is a recognized educationist, with a Nigerian Certificate in Education; a Bachelor’s of Science (Education) and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration. She has an educational experience of over twenty five years, working in both classroom and supervisory education.

Hope Nwakwesi is also a  facilitator of D- Seed Education (DSE), a preparatory school for toddlers and the founder of  Almanah Hope Foundation. She has strong belief in not restricting oneself, but spreading out and reaching for the stars.

Her hobbies are: Serving humanity, Writing and Music.

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