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Lets Talk to Boys: A Confetti of Appraisals

Lets Talk to Boys: A Confetti of Appraisals

Yusuf Busari

Happenings Media and Children in Peril, an NGO that aims at helping disadvantaged children, had a forum for adolescent boys on the 17th of June, 2017 at the Colonades Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos.
At the end of the session, the teenagers shared their opinion on the event which was moderated by Ms Joy Bewaji, Evans Ufeli and Osundolire Ifelanwa.

Fofana Muhammed,16
”I love this programme. I learnt so many things about life and therefore would like thank the organizers for coming up with this programme. I will advise the youths to change their minds from negative to positive and keep on pushing to our dreams, no matter what.”

Eegunike Oluwademilade,17
”I would love to see more of this, I really do appreciate. I hope you never give up because there is always hope. Thanks so much.”

Oyetunde Gboyega,14
”Nigeria is going to be a better place someday but for this country to be better, we have to become better.”

Moses Ibeh,15
”It was awesome and I enjoyed the programme. Thanks a lot”.

Ahmed Luqman,15
”Parents should educate their children on what is going on in the society and should make sure they correct the mistakes of their children”.

Lets Talk to Boys: A Confetti of Appraisals

Feyisope Fagbore,15
”The programme was amazing and I expect more programmes like this because it is very important to talk to boys. I really enjoyed it”.

Mustapha Salisu,16
”I learnt so much and thank the organizers of the programme”.

Adeleye Yusuf,14
”I have gained a lot from this programme. Thank you”.

Akinyemi Habeeb,16
”I have learnt to succeed even if there are obstacles on the way because one can always find a way in the wrong way. The programme was highly educating and inspiring”.

Fadero Timilehin,17
”I was enlightened and have learned how to think out of the box”.

Okunade Naheem,15
”This program is a very good one and this has taught me on how to go about life. I am really thankful”.

Adumadeyin Sultan,16
”I hope the programme would be continuous. I really learnt a lot”.

Oladoyinbo Oamide,16
”This was a worthwhile event. I had a very good time. Thanks a bunch”.

Teyiseye Fagbore,14
”This experience was worth it. I loved the message of the speakers and want to thank Ms Joy, Mr Evans and Mr Ife for inspiring us. I believe that this programme will surely make me a better adult”.

Lets Talk to Boys: A Confetti of Appraisals

Lawal Temitope,16
”This conference is the best of all I have attended. Kudos to the organizers. It is very kind to think about a programme centered on boys. God bless”.

Onitiju Toluwabori,13
”I learnt a lot at the ‘Let’s Talk to Boys’ programme. I really liked the various topics discussed in the programme”.

Omotayo Yusuf,15
”This programme has really helped me a lot. It has helped build my level of confidence and independence”.

Okere Emeka,16
”The programme was awesome and I learnt a lot although I would like the organizers to make the event larger for more boys to come learn”.

Oguike David,14
”I had a very enjoyable and excellent time today. The society should, parents and guardians should set very good examples for teenage boys”.

Akanbi Oluwasegun,16
”A big well done to the organisers, I learnt a lot from this event. Keep it up”.

Lets Talk to Boys: A Confetti of Appraisals

Okoro Udochukwu,13
”The programme has taught me a lot of things. I enjoyed it”.

Mayaki Quadri,17
”I commend the organizers for a job well done. I feel motivated by all I learnt”.

Ayo Sholagbade,15
”It was a fun learning experience. Look forward to the next edition”.