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Netcore Solutions, WSI Axon, Digitally Revolutionizing Nigeria

Netcore Solutions, WSI Axon, Digitally Revolutionizing Nigeria

Titilayo Olurin

“There’s a digital revolution happening in Nigeria,” declared Guest Speaker, Abithab Bhaskar, the Group Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Netcore Solutions, at a forum for marketers tagged “Maximizing the Marketing Moment and Accretion Marketing.”

While acknowledging the country’s tremendous advancement in technology over the years during his presentation at the Netcore Solutions anchored event, which held at Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Thursday, 22nd of June, 2017, Bhaskar noted that even the hawkers on the streets of Lagos have mobile phones.

Engaging the Existing Customers

“Out of 192 million population over here,” he said. “77 percentage of the people have got mobile phones. That’s 150 million people. That means if you remove the old age category and remove the kids, which is not your target audience, that means 100 percent target audience have mobile phones.”

Netcore Solutions, WSI Axon, Digitally Revolutionizing Nigeria
Abithab Bhaskar, Group Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Netcore, making his presentation

He further observed, “This is where the revolution is happening. This is where the consumer and the brands can do wonders. Out of that, 15 percentage of the people have smart phones. They can surf the net, they can do all kinds of engagement on their mobile phones. Look at 97 million … it’s almost 50 – 51 percentage of the population that have online connectivity. People are using cell phones. 81 percent of the people are using Internet out of their mobile. Content consumption is happening a lot more, is going a lot faster. The data rates are getting cheaper day by day, the calling rates are getting cheaper.”

With this giant leap in technology, therefore, marketing brands and organizations have more opportunities to reach as many people as possible and faster too, Bashkar maintained. The start-up specialist and strategist with years of experience in servicing brands across the globe shared nuggets of wisdom about marketing, with a focus on the new term “Accretion Marketing.”

Accretion marketing, he affirmed, involves engaging existing customers and building real-time experiences while focusing on acquiring new ones. By using the example of a grocery store owner next to his house who constantly engages him in conversations on a personal level, he explained that Accretion Marketing provides an opportunity for creating personalized experiences, which is critical while communicating with customers.

“Everybody is focusing on new customer acquisition,” he explained. Accretion Marketing is geared towards increasing the customer lifetime value, through constant engagement and building real-time experiences. He highlighted the benefits of Accretion Marketing from a single platform, which will help brands build a unified view of customers, optimizing the customer journey, creating innovative and contextual content and measuring success rates.

Bhaskar said Netcore has a robust solution through its “Smartech Marketing Automation” process that can enable brands improve the customer relationship management.

E-mail and SMS Marketing Usage and Benefits

During his presentation, Siddhesh Sawant, Business Manager for Netcore in Nigeria, made an excellent demonstration of how to effectively make use of Smartech to track links.

Netcore Solutions, WSI Axon, Digitally Revolutionizing Nigeria
Siddhesh Sawant, Business Manager for Netcore, Nigeria, during his presentation

He said, “As clearly mentioned, we are the marketing automation solution providers. We track each and every detail of the consumers or subscribers. So in the email section, you have, sent, delivered, unique opens, emails which got bounced, unsubscribed, emails which are categorized as spam, similarly for SMS also … we are the only organization in Nigeria providing you with link tracking. If you have any link on the SMS, we can track if anyone is clicking on that SMS or not.”

WSI Axon: Delivering Top Notch Services

Netcore Solutions, WSI Axon, Digitally Revolutionizing Nigeria
Chukwudi Nwokike, Chief Marketing Officer, WSI Axon, speaking at the event

Chukwudi Nwokike, Chief Marketing Officer of Axon Analytics Limited (WSI Axon) the partner for the event, acknowledged the interdependent relationship between the brand and Netcore Solutions.

He stated, “The strength of our brand is founded in the capable partnership between us and the number one Marketing Communications Company in India to effectively deliver top notch services to Nigerian Businesses.”

Continuing, he said, “WSI Axon, an alternative name for Axon Analytics, is a digitally-centered organization that is inclined towards delivering valuable service to our clientele through not only our very dynamic team, but also through our network of International Partners.

“Undoubtedly, Axon Analytics is a focal point for product/services launch, promotion and profitability. Our diverse online business interests, encompasses corporate communications and branding, to entertainment and lifestyle.”

Netcore Solutions, WSI Axon, Digitally Revolutionizing Nigeria
Chief Edirin Abamwa, Chairman/CEO, WSI Axon, giving the vote of thanks

While giving the vote of thanks, Chief Edirin Abamwa, the Managing Director of Axon Analytics Limited, the main distributing partner for Netcore Solutions, acknowledged the contributions and instructive presentations of the speakers at the event.

Also maintaining that the event has now exposed clients to more effective means of marketing, he promised that there will be other forums for debates on technology and marketing such as this.

“We will continue to have these engaging sessions with our clients. It’s not a one off. It will be a continuous thing,” he concluded.

Photo Credit: King Solomon Ekhaiyeme