Wife of Ondo State Governor, Arabinrin Akeredolu, has launched the Kogi State Chapter of Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN) with a charge for everyone to join in the effort to spread the awareness about breast cancer, so that no woman in Nigeria needlessly dies of the disease.
Speaking in the State Capital, Lokoja, she urged women to be aware of the symptoms of the disease and take steps in prevent it.
She called for the support of Kogi State Government in the fight against the disease, stating that awareness is the key in eradicating death by breast cancer. While addressing the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, during a courtsey visit to his office, Mrs Akeredolu appealed to the Governor to set up a breast cancer treatment centre in Kogi state.
“Victims of breast cancer mostly go to the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan and other hospitals outside the state, I see no reason why you cannot have your own breast cancer clinic in the state. Having breast cancer clinic in the state will go a long way to debunk the misconception about the disease because victims can easily be directed to the hospital for treatment.
“We need your support in providing infrastructure such as mammographic machine that helps to pick breast cancer at the earliest stage when no one can actually feel that the lump is there.
“The first lady of Ondo State and founder of BRECAN further said: “One major barrier to fighting breast cancer is financial challenge. When victims of breast cancer cannot afford the treatment, they are made to believe that it is a spiritual attack and got directed to prayer mountains but, if there is breast cancer clinic in the state, they would be able to access it, get treated and pass the message of hope across to others that breast cancer can be treated.
“We want you to make breast cancer awareness and treatment a priority so that women will not continue dying needlessly.”
In his remark, Governor Bello appreciated the Ondo State Government for the hospitality given to Kogi State indigenes who reside in Ondo State and commended the unrelenting efforts and passion of Arabinrin Akeredolu in the fight against the disease, breast cancer. He  promised his support to fight against the disease. “Every human being should rise against breast cancer because when you save a woman, you save a nation” The Governor assured that everything would be done to ensure that the project record a huge success in the state.
In her own remark, the National President, BRECAN, Mrs Juliet Ogbogu, explained that the aim of establishing BRECAN in Kogi State was to make sure that women in the State did not die of the disease in their productive age. “Public awareness of the disease is very important. We create awareness about breast cancer through activities such as The Jog for Life and World Cancer Day among others”.
The Guest Speaker, Dr Wuraola Ipinyomi, observed that Nigeria had the highest cancer death rate in Africa, owing to lack of awareness, lack of infrastructure such as mammographic machine in hospitals, financial challenge, superstitious belief among others.
She appealed to people to live a healthy life, she cautioned against some of the causes of cancer which include obesity, sedentary life style, highfat, cholesterol diet, dietary iodine deficiency, environmental factors among others.
Dr Ipinyomi called on government to come to the aid of the sufferers of the disease by prioritising cancer treatment across the country, so that women would not continue to die of the disease needlessly. She also stressed the need for women to check their breasts monthly after mensuration as early detection of the disease remains the most effective  solution.
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