Massive Turnout at the 2017 National Career Fair

Massive Turnout at the 2017 National Career Fair


Bamigbala Adekola

There was a massive turnout at the national career fair 2017, with over 5000+ job seekers in attendance. Also in attendance were CEOs, professional, students, young professionals.

Those in attendance were coached in segments of employability skills and HR antics and they were also intellectually thrilled by a series of panel sessions ranging from ‘The Bold move for harnessing and enhancing new business opportunities’ to ‘The Bold move for Corporate Governance and Leadership’ and ‘The Bold move for Women in Business’.

Business moguls like Senator Babafemi Ojodu, Ayodele Subair, Shina Peller and others trained 5000+ Jobseekers at 2017 National Career Fair.

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