Almanah Hope Foundation Presents Widows Summit 2018 in Lagos

Almanah Hope Foundation Presents Widows Summit 2018 in Lagos


In a society as patriarchal as ours, women are largely marginalized. However, none is more marginalized than widows.

Thus Almanah Hope Foundation is driven in its objective to fight for the rights of widows in a sadly neglectful society.

Considering these class of women are being punished for something they have no power over, i.e the death of a husband.

Whatever the perception, the aura of alienation wrapped around women deepens in widowhood.

In addition, the neglect, abuse, and exploitation of windows affect the social and economic development in a society.

Therefore destinies of generations are either destroyed or thwarted as widows battle in a journey they never chose.

Almanah Hope foundation provides a safe foothold for widows in the society.

Furthermore, the foundation is committed to battling this stigma attached to widowhood by addressing socio-economic concerns.

Such as poverty which is a primary factor, also lack of education, diseases, HIV/AIDs, crimes, and insecurities.

It also investigates policy measures the government should create to protect widows.

In line with Dominique van de Walle, a lead  Economist at World Bank.

“The right policy measures could shield widows…from the threat of poverty”.

The foundation is also organizing ‘The Widows Summit 2018’. The event promises to be a synergistic interaction of minds aimed at identifying and addressing issues affecting widowhood

As an advocate for gender and women inclusion & development, poverty alleviation and economic improvement, you are invited to discuss the ripple effect of widowhood issues on economic development

The event will be happening in Lagos

6th December 2018

@ Westwood Hotel Ikoyi.

Attendance by invite

Register for an invite at

Our imaginations make images.

Our actions make changes.

As the Widows Summit bridge gaps.

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