OAP Tushbee and Actor Sango host AWG 5

OAP Tushbee and Actor Sango host AWG 5


The AWG (Agboism White Groove) is an annual white party that brings over 300 people from across the globe under one roof to network and socialize while having fun. It has consistently grown over the previous editions and this promises to be quite explosive.

AWG5 2018

This edition of the AWG, being the 5th, is different from the previous editions as it births the fusion of Fashion, Style and Groove. Prominent individuals in the entertainment industry and other industries will be in attendance


– White Carpet @6pm with cocktail and small chops and music in the background (small chops will be provided by us)
– unveiling of the brand
– Exhibition stand with our products on display for our guests

– Fashion parade and interaction with guests @8pm

– Party proper begins @10pm

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