The widows summit 2018: ‘A Synergistic Interaction of Minds’

The widows summit 2018: ‘A Synergistic Interaction of Minds’

King Solomon Ekhaiyeme

The widows summit 2018, with its theme, ‘a synergistic interaction of minds’ took place on the 6th of December 2018 at Westwood hotel Ikoyi.

In addition, the summit aimed at addressing different issues widows face in the society after losing their husbands.

Issues that were addressed at the summit vary from religion, culture, government, economy, society and the effect of disenfranchisement of widows.

Why the widows summit 2018?

The family knows the voice of all except the widow. The church has so many an agenda excluding widows. The female agenda shut itself out with regards widows.

Furthermore, the government at all levels also excludes widows from its planning, even at the traditional rulers’ council.

The school as an agent of social change should change the plight of widows but has failed.

Thus, the summit is targeted at inclusion.

To show that widows have rights like every other citizen. Moreso, to demystify widowhood by eliminating the culture of silence and secrecy that breeds shame, abuse and exploitation of widows. While building the self-esteem and realization for widows.

Key speakers include:
1. Abiola ogunbiyi – widows and religion
2. Regina Chris Ogbodo- widows and culture
3. Dr Omolola Omoteso – widows and government
4. Ify Ugochukwu Uddoh – widows and economy
5. Peter Chima Onyia – widows and society
6. Amb Unyime Ivy King – The effects of disenfranchisement of widows.

Almanah Hope Foundation organised the event and Tushbee of Happenings Radio anchored it.

Photo Credit: King Solomon Ekhaiyeme
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