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How to Turn Your Readers into Buyers in 2019

All you need to know about digital marketing


Have you ever wondered why you have not been doing as well in your marketing as your competitors?

Or you want to build a structure that would help you to seamlessly drive you sales and make you an authority in your niche?

YES! I mean you would be tired of taking those calls...

It’s already a new year and there is no better time to plan and execute your marketing strategies for the whole year than now.

What if you were given just one chance to learn How To Build An Automated Sales Funnel That Attracts High-Value Customers To Your Business Using The ACS Strategy?

97% of buyers choose a product because the business has more knowledge of the solution than the competition

This form of education is exactly what your prospects want. On average, they are reading at least 5 pieces of content before they reach out for a sales conversation.

Wouldn’t you like your prospects to be nurtured and gracefully placed into the laps of your sales team already prepped to buy? (Let me give you a hint, the answer to that question is yes.)



  • Map out your Sales Funnel Strategy Template
  • Document your Ideal Buyers' Mindset
  • Uncover your Lead Magnet (aka your flagship content)
  • Write your Landing Page
  • Write your Email Marketing Funnel.
  • Create Your Blog Content Topics.
  • Uncover what profitable keywords your target audience is searching on Google.
  • Get 1-on-1 feedback from Caroline Wabara.

Walk away with it DONE.

That’s right, you’ll walk away having written your lead magnet, written your landing page AND written your email autoresponder (marketing funnel), all written and ready for your developers to implement.

By the time you’re finished with this workshop, you’ll have the strategy, tools and resources you need to create a sales funnel that actually works. Time to get more eyeballs on your digital products so you can make more and hustle less.

We'll be putting you in direct contact with people who can implement if you don’t have anyone already!

One of our trainee said:

The 1 Day Sales Funnel Workshop is something every small and medium business owner should take time out to do. It will accelerate your business growth if you implement even a small fraction of what you learn in the 1 day event. AND IT IS FUN!

Muheebah Oyafemi - Habeebat Fashion Store.

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