TEDx IKEJA - Tongues and Crescent
TEDx IKEJA - Tongues and Crescent

Event Review: TEDx IKEJA - Tongues And Crescent 

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

The 2019 edition of the TEDx Ikeja has come and gone but the gains from the hugely impressive gathering of creative minds would linger in the minds of the attendees, at least for a long time.

It was the coming together of both men and women who have reached reputable heights in their respective careers and those looking to blossom in theirs.

As opposed to the 11 am starting, the event kicked off some minutes before 12noon with the curator, Demola Adeshola, apologising for the delay before officially declaring the event open with a short speech.

He explained that the theme for this year's edition, 'Tongues and Crescent', is a metaphor that represents extreme ideas. He then added that the event aims to bring people who are ready to drive a creative force and do great things.

Shortly after his speech, Doel Stunner sang the theme song and he took his time to teach the audience the lyrics while encouraging them to sing with him.

At this stage, the event anchor, Gilbert Dieko, was now set to bring the speakers up the podium, starting with Dr. Brian Reuben of the Brian Reuben Advisory, before back to back speeches by Samuel Ajiboye, a digital marketer, and Temioluwa Adeshina, co-founder of ReadLand Leadership Centre for Children, who narrated her life story about how the cosmos conspired against her will from childhood to place her in a field where she has to cater for children despite her other qualifications.

Then there was an interlude that saw Benny Finisher treat the audience to another of his usually sereneding poetry performances.

Ernest Nwocha, a sculptor who was recently featured in a BBC documentary, was not to mount the stage as he shared stories of how he influenced those around him with his 'madness' by bringing out the beauty in some of the ugliness of life.

In continuing with the 'mad' stories, Usman Imanah, a publicist and Kilimanjaro conqueror talked about the power of the mind over the body. Usman told his Kilimanjaro story and how he against all odds got to the Stellar and Uhuru point of the mountain.

Muyiwa Odunuga, the final speaker of the first session, shared the four tips that have helped him succeed overtime in various careers he has worked in. First is to define the goal, be delibrate about it, leverage on partnership and finally take stock of your achievements.

There was a ten-minute break for both the speakers and attendees to refresh their minds and body following hours of insightful teachings.

After the break, the event resumed with a wonderful musical rendition by Titilayo Obasanya who thrilled the audience with her mellifluous voice and singing ability.

Business and strategic thought leader, public speaker, and life coach, Idy Enang, was the first speaker to mount the stage to continue the string of interesting teachings and he talked about "Enlightened self interest" using a contractor who was rewarded for using the right material always for his construction works. The contractor snubbed instant gratification for delayed gratification and he was rewarded for it by his boss.

Gbadewonuola Olateju Oyelakin, popularly known as Teju Babyface, took to the podium just after Mr. Idy Enang had finished his talk. Teju, like speakers before him, shared his life stories and lessons he had learnt on his way to becoming. The multi-talented entrepreneur told of how a magazine that was given to him by his father to read during his university days, transformed his view of life on his way to being the "king of talk".

Lanre Adelanwa Basamta was the next speaker to mount the stage and he shared ideas about how Africa and Nigeria can compete in a rapidly evolving global economy. He reckoned that while it might be impossible to beat the Europeans and Asians technologically, we could use our own stories and solving problems that are peculiar to us to reach reputable heights.

Finally, it was time for the iconic Olushola Adebayo of Orange Academy to round-off the string of insightful and educative speeches the audiences had been thrilled to that day. The young Shola spoke on gender and how we must all strive for an equal society. In his words: "No gender wins when the other gender is left behind."

A vote of thanks by a member of the organising team was then given to call to a close, what was a magnificent event.

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