NETCORE Launches Data On Email Reception For The Year 2018

NETCORE Launches Data On Email Reception For The Year 2018


Netcore, a technology solutions company committed to helping modern marketers map their customer journey, has launched a report revealing data on email reception for the year 2018.

In a statement made available to Happenings Media, Netcore revealed that the purpose of the report was to provide valuable insights behind email marketing and how the average Nigerian customer reads marketing emails.

“With this report, email marketers can now tailor their communication to ensure they are delivering the right content at the right time,” the statement said.

Explaining further, the statement said: “The rise of GSM and 3/4G technology in Nigeria has given multiple communication channels at the fingertips of every user. A large percentage of the population now has valid email addresses that they check on a regular basis. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter play a valid role in their life.

“Suddenly, it is no longer about what you communicate alone. When you communicate, how you communicate and the channel you use for communication would play a big role in converting the sale.”

In this report compiled by the Client Success Manager (Smartech Product), for Netcore, Chukwudi Nwokike, he said that Nigerian brands would always have the need to communicate with their customers on a frequent basis.

“About 15 years ago, during data collection, Nigerians would often give invalid email addresses. SMS has long been the major player in mass communication to customers. This is majorly because the most accurate data held by brands has always been SMS numbers. SMS marketing was also declared a nuisance by NCC and the rise of DND occurred.

“Suddenly, brands SMS delivery rates dropped to as low as 40%. Brands now need to turn to other channels of communication to engage with their customers. So, what to communicate is as important as when to communicate and where to communicate,” the report read.

The company, according to the report, has 3000+ global clients with 70+ clients in Nigeria using one of their solutions. It was explained that Netcore’s Smartech is an AI Powered Growth marketing platform that is capable of delivering cross-channel automated communication on 10 Channels, including Email, SMS, Voice, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Browser Push Notifications, Web Message, In-app message, and App Push Notifications.

“By combining these 10 channels of communication in one highly customisable platform, Smartech empowers marketers to engage with their customers and increase conversions on website and mobile app using triggered notifications and deep analytical insights,” the statement highlighted.

Netcore Solutions is a 22-year old technology and marketing company whose footprints started from India and are now present in 9 countries, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Phillipines, USA, UAE and UK.

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