ARMA holds 7-day Executive Machine Learning Training in Lagos


The Academy of Real and Meta Analytics (ARMA), the brainchild of the collaborative efforts of partners Netcore and WSI-Axon, will hold a seven-day training course in Machine learning, the science of getting computers to learn and act like humans do, and improve their learning over time in autonomous fashion, by feeding them data and information in the form of observations and real-world interactions, in Lagos between 3 – 9 October, 2019.

The training, scheduled to take place at the Chateaux De Atlantique, Victoria Island, Lagos is targeted at business executives who wish to develop and implement effective business strategies geared towards overall success through data interpretation and manipulation.

According to the organisers of this training program, the course is targeted at Executives and all who wish to manage large volume of historical data in an accurate manner; digital marketers looking to eliminate the guesswork involved in data-driven marketing; and programmers in the e-commerce space looking to build a product-based recommendation system based on customer purchase history.

Also, financial analysts, medical scientists, data entry specialists, digital marketers in e-commerce, and others can benefit from this rare opportunity.

“We are bringing this rare opportunity to Nigeria so those business executives who find it hard to build a product recommendation system that motivates their customers to purchase like Amazon, or those who find it difficult to detect spam, identify and filter abuse, or find it difficult doing customer segmentation and predicting churn and lifetime value of customers, or those who still do manual data entry instead of automating the process can make their marks in their various endeavours,” said Rajesh Jakhotia, the programme coordinator of ARMA.

The program has an array of sessions that include Machine Learning Context Setting & R Programming, Statistical Learning, Classification Tree Technique & Model Performance Measure, Linear Regression Overview, Logistic Regression Technique with Detailed Model Performance Measures and Artificial Neural Networks.

“At the end of the programme, participants would have been able to gain an in-depth knowledge of machine learning that will advance their career in a fast-growing industry, generate insights from data and build predictive models, predict customer needs, customer defaults, frauds, machine breakdown, and much more,” Rajesh Jakhotia continued.

Academy of Real and Meta Analytics (ARMA) was established due to the ever-increasing demand for the need to understand and maximize data interpretation and manipulation towards the implementation of effective business strategies geared towards overall success.

ARMA was developed to bridge the gap between the right knowledge of analytics and the right people. To this effect, a robust training experience was designed to demystify the dynamics of analytics thereby empowering professionals with cutting edge training.

For more information on the 7- day Executive Machine Learning training, please visit ARMA.

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