Must See Looks of the Week: Bag it or Thrash it!

Must See Looks of the Week: Bag it or Thrash it!

It wasn’t exactly an eventful week, but we saw some fashion this week, so it’s only fair we give you a style round up segment for those looks you either missed, or would like to recap.

Bad girl Riri wasn’t on her best behavior this past week as she was spotted on these three occasions rocking three mouth opening outfits (literarily). It wasn’t the type of style you saw and awwww-ed about Immediately . It’s one of those you thought real hard about and played the pros and cons in your head and ended up with an “oh well, what the heck, it’s Riri”. I say bag it! For originality at least.

It’s my page, sue me!

Kylie Jenner was seen rocking a double denim outfit, but wait.. Does it look familiar? Yup it has been rocked by 3 different celebs last year; Beyoncé, Rihanna and her sister Kim. While the social media was busy trying to find out who wore it better, I was not too impressed, #yawns. This is getting old, we need some original style don’t you think? I say thrash it!

Denrele was spotted all turned down and dapper in this polka dot dashiki and brown leather shoes. Though he’s still rocking his braids, it’s a different side of him we don’t see often. I say bag it!

Funky Funke  was spotted in this mini dress and white shoes! We love the combo. The vibrant print dress hits the right places and isn’t too short for comfort. The white shoes just makes it shine. Bag it!!’ #flipsweave

Which would you rather bag or thrash anyway?

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