Must See looks from AY live Red Carpet
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Must See looks from AY live Red Carpet

Ezinne Osuagwu

This weekend, our team attended the AY live comedy show, so we have all the inside scoop and pictures on our event page, but right here, I am giving you the looks you MUST see.

Celebrities turned up at the event but here are a few celebrities that caught my eye.

On someone else, or if styled differently and moderately, this outfit would have gotten high points from me. But Ebube is wearing this annoying overly done ripped jeans that has her cellulites screaming for attention, the make-down make up is horrible. She was going for rock chic but she ended up under the rocks. This is her worst look ever.

Osas is always the prom queen who comes in and saves the day, but today, she didn’t do much justice. It’s a comedy show, so it’s normal to be all dressed down but she’s wearing this black one sleeve dress, with a slit, and a bangle and white shoes… Are you bored already? Her style of late has been simply lack luster, she’s always playing it safe. Dear Osas, don’t worry, people love you. You can wear jeans and some funky blouse and let your hair down sometimes and actually look like you came to have fun. Ok?

I try really hard to be objective about my critique so that I don’t come out sounding rude. Dressing for your body type is key! Play your weaknesses as strengths, that’s how the strong survive in fashion. Unfortunately, Toyin missed the mark here, do those colours even match? And why does that skirt look vaguely familiar, even with the bad finishing at the hem of the slit. She has an apple shaped body thus tucking this tight into this ugly fitting top only enhances how not-proportional her body is. Peplum blouses do good to flatter figures. Maybe pleated skirts. #takethehint

This is a good comedy show outfit. Its not too stylish anyway, it has no wow factor, and sorry but this top came out what, two years ago. Apart from that, Its cool.

what do you think?

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