Feminists; The fashion movement called man repellers
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Feminists; The fashion movement called man repellers

Ezinne Osuagwu

It’s  election day, so I won’t bore with a lot of fashion, just this little debate piece I want to talk about and would like to get your take on.

During one of my usual soul searching internet sessions, I came across the man repeller style. This is a movement started by Leandra ‘man repeller’ Medine, and I was intrigued by her passion and originality. Here’s a Jewish girl who wore drab clothes to school, and went about with an ” I don’t give a shit attitude”, who grew into a woman who encouraged other women to dress the way they feel, not for the benefit of men or even women. Call her feminist, she wont mind.

The concept of the man repeller is not exactly about fashion and aesthetics, its about the woman; not wearing too tight clothes because they are socially acceptable, not dressing to be attract men nor to make other women envy her. It’s a concept that says; hey lady, you’re beautiful, don’t give a care in the world about who’s looking, dress for you!.

Personally, sometimes I have these crazy ideas of things I want to wear, things I want to mix and match, but the first thing that comes to mind is; how would people see it? Gosh I’m not driving today people will stare? Guys won’t take me seriously if I wear that. Lets be honest, in a judgemental society like ours, where everyone is struggling to be accepted, liked, famous or respected, we have our various insecurities. I mean its bad enough there are girls who are prettier than you out there, you still have to cope with the so called fashion police and style busters constantly picking on you…LOL

Now some of her man repeller outfits are downright hideous, and some aren’t, but she’s comfortable in her skin, in her style, in her clothes! if you are uncomfortable wearing something, it will show, if you are too confident wearing something it will show too, just be you. And you know what? take baby steps, wear what you want to wear, it doesn’t matter how unreasonable it might seem to the average eye, my darling you’re above average! Now chin up and strut!

You’re riding the bus? wear things suitable for riding the bus, don’t care if they don’t like it, you see someone giving you a nasty look? look them straight in the eye and dare them to speak. This is what man repeller means to me; self confidence.

But I have to ask, is the man repeller style still possible in a conceited world like ours? do you think its possible for us to truly appreciate and accept who we are and not who we want people to see? is the man repeller style truly achievable or is it just an “oyinbo” fantasy. What do you honestly think of the man repeller?

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