#Stylebusters : Oc Ukeje doesn’t want to get caught
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#Stylebusters : Oc Ukeje doesn’t want to get caught

Ezinne Osuagwu

Oc Ukeje is an actor everyone respects for his talent and his eloquence, but his style? I didn’t know about. when I was looking to feature someone, he didn’t even come to mind because when I think of Oc, all that comes to mind is suits suits suits. Any body can look good in a suit!, but when my colleague convinced me to check him out, I realized, he had a confident style.

Oc loves his suits and he loves his brooches, he’s in his comfort zone with this double breasted suit, I love the polka dot looking pattern on the tie and the length of the pants are on point.

I love the pants, and the shoes and the shirt, but not the hat. I especially love how the shirt and the suspenders help each other in a distracting way. Yes I know it sounds weird, but it holds a certain kind of appeal to me, only thing is, I wish the box end was tucked into the pants so you don’t see where it starts. I was confused at first at the outfit, but I came to like the old school look. I just don’t like the pose.

I really like this outfit because he veered far from his normal everyday suit. The outfit is au courant now for some funny reason, thanks to Pharrell and Jim Iyke, this is a side to Oc I haven’t seen before, I normally see him in suits and though this is so not my style, I think it works for him.

This semi formal look, I like I like. Yes its monochrome, and could easily be boring, he looks comfortable, no surprise there though a pop of color would have been nice, and I love the tie. The outfit fits perfectly, and he looks like a proper gentleman which I hear he is.

How come he has never been caught on a bad style day, my eyes are on him from now on.

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