How to apply a flawless foundation like a pro

How to apply a flawless foundation like a pro

If you love make up like me and you love to turn your face into a canvas for fun then this post is for you. Since the evolution the concealed eyebrow trend, we’ve had an enormous increase in the rate of make up artists, both professional and personal, but applying the perfect foundation is key to a flawless makeup routine. It obviously isn’t called “foundation” for nothing, just like a house, a perfect foundation can make your entire look come together. These tips and tricks are easy information that can turn your make up routine around. Here are 7 hacks that can build a strong makeup foundation.

1. Use your jawbone to test out 3 different shades: You need to find the perfect foundation shade and that can seriously become a trial. In order to be able to compare the shades easily against your skin and prevent it from being either too dark, too light, or too orange, use your jawbone instead of the back of your hand, because chances are your arms are dark because of the sun.

2. Two different shades are better than one: If you have a tendency to stay out in the sun, your skin might actually itself be of two different shades, darker when you are more exposed, such as when comparing the forehead to the jawbone. This means that using a single shade won’t really work as it may be too light or too dark in certain areas of the face. Instead, go for two shades that will best when worked in together.

3. Have some knowledge about your skin type: Each foundation is made to cater to a certain skin type as well as tone, meaning that guessing your way around it will probably not be your best bet. Instead, take a look at your face wash to decide the type of foundation you will need. For oily skin, use matte foundations, or cream to powder, for dry skin, use a liquid foundation with a moisturizing base like shea butter and for normal skin, experiment with different types and choose the one that fits your face more.

4. Use a stippling technique: You should try applying the foundation in lighter, bouncing motions that give your face a less caked up look, using a brush made for stippling, particularly when using either liquids or cream versions of the product. This allows for a flawless finish, giving you a naturally photoshopped look. The brushes go for about #1,500 but it would make a world of difference to your foundation application.

6. Always have the brush swiping downward: Many skin care experts will tell you that you should be sweeping upward, but this is actually not always best for you skin. On the contrary, it’s best to keep your brushstrokes going downwards. If you go upward on the face, it will fill in your pores and make them stand out. Downward strokes give a smoother finish overall.

5. Keep the powder minimal: Caked faces are a nightmare unto themselves, with you feeling like you have added a mask to your skin as opposed to amplifying your natural contours and colors. You want your face to look like there’s nothing on there instead. Powder is great in achieving the matte look but some of us have a tendency to add too much and that becomes overkill. Powder just along your T-zone instead, meaning you get all the oiliest spots without making your face look too done up. This also prevents the foundation from running, giving it space to breathe.

6. Remember that liquid foundation is actually 4-in-1: You might forget that a single foundation can work like multiple products, but you really shouldn’t as that means you have fewer products to buy overall.

  • It can be used to make a tinted moisturizer by mixing 1 part foundation with 1-2 parts of you perfect moisturizer and using it to add a darker sheen to your face and neck.
  • The gunk accumulating at the edge of your foundation bottle is actually struck gold as you can use it as your own customized concealer for free!
  • A light, iridescent shade of eyeshadow added to liquid foundation makes for the perfect free highlighter that matches your skin tone perfectly.
  • You can also make all the colors you use on your face pop, including your lipstick, by blotting out your natural pigments with the foundation, setting with translucent powder and adding those colourful features to your lips and eyelids for an extra oomph that lasts so much longer.

Do you have any hacks to share with us?

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