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The quirky style of Kcee Limpopo

Ezinne Osuagwu

Mr Kcee was a year older yesterday, and he arguably has one of the most quirky styles in the entertainment industry, as a matter of fact, his style choices always cause a rave and with every picture, he consistently never disappoints us. Here are a few looks of the Limpopo master that has placed him on our style radar today as it is his birthday month.

Mr Kcee looks pretty composed in this outfit, I love how the prints were coordinated and the sandals give it a sort of simplicity that’s not usually a Kcee thing.

When you look at this picture, you’ll understand why he’s called mr Limpopo, The swag is just the characteristic of my fellow Igbo brothers. I think it’s all the bling that gives it that vibe, so I can rightly say less is more. From the belt to the shoes down to the hair, it’s just an overkill!

So some weeks back, we saw Mr. Noble Igwe rock effortlessly the suit and sneakers style, so it’s obviously nothing new on the style front, but this is over done. The tie, the pants, the brooch, it’s just not tastefully done, it could be better, but to him, more is more, and this more , is too much.

There is something I like about this outfit, I guess it’s the all black inside, and how he attempted to match his accessories with that clean slate.(the all black) though as usual, it’s overdone, the brooch, the belt, the shoes, the tie, they are all just screaming for attention, moderation is definitely key in an outfit like this.

Hmm this outfit ehn, I can’t touch it o! The shoes match the car? It gives a new meaning to the word accoutrement! Why he folded that jeans so high, I have no idea. The belt is so big it just screams, ‘Look at me, I think I’m rich!’ His style is so predictable. Think of overdone, over accessorized and quirky, that’s Kcee for you. As much as I’ll like to take him as he is, I feel there could be an improvement if he chooses to go for it.

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