The manly Man wears floral too
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The manly Man wears floral too

Ezinne Osuagwu

In the former world of menswear, it would have been impossible to see men in anything vaguely effeminate, but in today’s fashion world, even the manly man rocks floral. Perception changes the way we see things and in our globalized world today where the modern man is eager to embrace fresh concepts and ideas, the bloom prints is a step in the right direction if kept minimal.

Bloom prints are an effective way to add interest and vivacity to the already bland menswear colour palette; I mean how much fun can you really have with just solid tones?

But how does the everyday gent work the look into his wardrobe without looking like a walking greenhouse, or undermining his masculinity?

Moderation is key. Wearing floral on floral would be an overkill and if not done sensibly could make the print look repulsive and epicene; Thus, pair your floral with a block of colour, just like in the pictures above; Just one floral piece, It could be a jacket, or a pair of pants, with a one dark block of colour, or for the more fashion forward, a bright colour to match it up. Whatever rocks your boat.

For the not so fashion courageous, you could wear one with very subtle floral hits, like these jean pants. That way, your rocking floral even though your still in the bland-colour-palette zone.

Also, you can incorporate it into your outfit in bits and pieces: A floral printed pocket square, or a floral tie, just subtle hints here and there.

I have no problem with the floral trend, so far as it’s done right. Would you rock?

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