#Stylebusters: Toyin Lawani is just “too much”
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#Stylebusters: Toyin Lawani is just “too much”

Ezinne Osuagwu

On our weekly Monday feature, #Stylebusters, we have Toyin Lawani. She’s a mother of two, a celebrity stylist, and an entrepreneur. She styled most of the celebs at the AMVCA’s and it’s time to critique her personal style. Two words that describes her style at first glance are, Risque and daring; But is that all? We’ll find out.

This lace sheer dress looks like it’s from an excerpt of snow white and the huntsman. It’s just overwhelming. The hair is so dark and so is dress, it just made the make up just stand out! Not in a good way. This isn’t a very nice look for her, and that’s too much cleavage right there. A softer makeup, with a different hairdo, preferably an updo would have been fab. This could have been better.

I like the mixture of the sporty shirt and that embellished slit skirt. Yes the blue hair is a little unusual, but it does add a pop of colour to her look and the subtle make up… I really like this look.

Someone tell Toyin Lawani that this dark look isn’t for her. She always comes out looking very weird. The kimono and embellished attire is just a charade of glitter. As always, softer makeup would have made her look better, and maybe it would have been less distracting. Every time I look back at the outfit, I feel something is not right, just cant place my finger on it. I guess it just has too much going on.

She loves her sheer dresses no doubt, I had to jump-and-pass, some other images I saw online because I’d have been critiquing the same thing. A sheer lace applique dress, with a short underlay; that pretty much sums up her signature style. The makeup and hair is very pretty, but the pattern on the lace is just too busy. It’s one of those looks you consider and think about, and actually never come to a conclusion. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either.

This Balmain dress was styled properly. I love the hair, and the makeup is really pretty. I like that she styled it with a white pair of shoes and a simple silver clutch purse. Nothing in excess.Basically, I’ll say she gave the dress the respect it deserved by not overdoing it. This is cool.

Toyin Lawani is a fashion stylist who’s personal style reflects, most times, on the celebrities she styles, a little moderation would go a long way. I do understand that she might like her make up heavy, if so, dressing down would keep all the attention on the makeup. Sometimes the best style tip, is to keep it simple.

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