The muscled man is a fashionable man; Dressing up tips for men with abs
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The muscled man is a fashionable man; Dressing up tips for men with abs

Ezinne Osuagwu

When I was younger, Johnny Bravo definitely was not my dream man, with those oversize abs and tiny little legs of his, then I grew up, and discovered that guys with biceps are actually hot (sometimes), but I could never say same for their fashion sense. They have left fashion for the tall and lanky but verily verily I say to you, bicep men who do fashion tend to look better than those lanky “assetless” guys. The challenge for muscular men is to find clothing that doesn’t hide the results of their hard work but doesn’t exaggerate their already extreme silhouette.

Here are some fashion tips for the hotties with abs.


It’s safe to assume that a bodybuilder’s suit jackets and sport coats are going to need adjustment and  the very least bespoke tailoring will offer the best look.

When choosing and fitting a suit, the narrowest point on a jacket can be brought in still narrower, though not too much and a little outwards again to balance out his proportions. This will give the wearer a figure and still hide his bulky biceps a bit.


The horizontal lines myth is becoming ignored in today’s fashion scene. Though a bulky man who wears big horizontal stripes could come off looking like a large bumble bee, when the lines and patterns are in moderation, they could actually disguise the torso and give a slimming effect on the body.


When choosing your shirts and polo, the fit is everything. T-shirts, Henleys, polo shirts and knitwear with a little bit of stretch look great on muscular men and will feel comfortable no matter what. The key is picking the right fit that doesn’t hug too tightly.

Likewise, lightweight bomber jackets (not huge, padded ones) and unstructured/unlined blazers will fit your frame and showcase your broad shoulders and chest, while casual shirts in relaxed fabrics such as flannel, chambray and washed cotton are solid, versatile options that you will be able to call on time and time again.

The muscled man though normally thought to be a vain man is a fashionable man who feels he has limited wardrobe options. Understanding your body and working with it is the major challenge, but if they could achieve those muscles, then their fashion prospects are limitless.

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