Dose of style: The working girl’s tricks to repeating outfits
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Dose of style: The working girl’s tricks to repeating outfits

Ezinne Osuagwu

So I have this green tie dye dress I love so much, it’s so comfortable, it’s my perfect size and it’s pretty easy to wear, but I have worn that dress so much my conscience judges me whenever I pick it up. Giving it out is not an option,  but what can a girl do now, especially on those days when all you want to wear is a dress and flat shoes.

So I got talking with a stylist; what do you think of rerocking dresses? And he exclaims “ahh! Don’t even take a picture or put it up on Instagram, it’s not just done!”. But let’s be realistic, unless you’re Paris Hilton or Beyonce, its impossible to not repeat your clothes. So for the regular girls like us making an honest living and still wanting to look our best, here’s my candid take on how to rerock clothes. Especially dresses

Never style your dress the same way twice! The same shoes, bag and even the same makeup, oh no you don’t. If you color blocked your dress with your accessories before go nude this time. Or if your paired them with heels, take a different route and wear flats. Just “Re-accessorize”.

Throw on a blazer or Jacket
Throw on a bright coloured blazer and take away the attention from your dress to your beautiful jacket. In fact you can go ahead and belt the jacket for effect! Trust me, they’ll never notice

Get really creative
Tuck your “uniform” into a pretty circle or flared skirt and a ta da!! You have a new blouse you never knew about. Also you can wear a blouse on your dress, belt it and holla! New skirt! Thank me later.

Be a true Nigerian
My dear, it’s true that no one bought you the dress so it’s really not their business, but if it bothers you so much, take my friend’s advice and avoid selfies entirely! No pictures, nada! You could also try rerocking it to a place where you might not run into people you know; Like the burial of your brother’s wife’s sister in-law’s younger brothers uncle’s nephew. What could possibly go wrong?

Be confident
No matter how you style it, or rock it, be confident because in all honesty all fingers are not equal, and not everyone has the time to go out and buy clothes for every occasion. But let’s get this straight, people will talk, so make it worth it!

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