Best looks at the 68th cannes film festival
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Best looks at the 68th cannes film festival

Ezinne Osuagwu

We never get tired of jaw dropping red carpet looks, even if they happen every weekend, I love to see different celebs showing up in stunning numbers. Well the cannes film festival red carpet was unlike what we’ve been seeing. No risque, just style and fab.Here are our top picks for the cannes festival and why we love them.

Natalie is so simple in this red straight strapless dress. At first glance, you might want to flip your weave and wrinkle your nose at the simplicity. But then you take another look, and you just “get it” Did you look again? It’s just gorgeous. The dress drapes elegantly over her body and the length… It’s simply beautiful.

Now this isn’t exactly stunning. All glitz and no glamour. The length would be better with an inch or two. Jlo did this look some time back and nailed it. Me thinks she should take notes.

Now this was the dress! This frou frou dress wasjust fabulous. I love how glam it makes her look. The volume of the skirt is tastefully done, and when she turns around, the backless behind is just sweet. And a pocket in an evening dress? Cocky meets glam!

Julianne was the talk of the red carpet in this grey ensemble! The black jackect complements it in a way that makes you just stare. Emerald green earrings? She sure did bring her A game to this red carpet.

Look at those sleeves! Medieval meets modern day! She’s the picture of elegance. She looks so dainty, she practically stole the spotlight. I love this. The green embroidered flowers on the pastel give an ethereal presence that just leaves your jaw hanging. Nice one.

I really wouldn’t want to start the who wore it better question, but she sure does look like she got her inspiration from kerry Washington’s Met gala outfit. Though hers is a bit more played down. I love the voluminous high-low train. She’s pretty as a picture.

Lupita worked the red carpet. She twirled to the glee of flashing light bulbs in this deep cut decolletage with floral embellished details. She had her hair in a high bun that just enhanced her facial features. She looks good and she knows it.

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