Hair and beauty: How to grow receding hairlines and bald edges
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Hair and beauty: How to grow receding hairlines and bald edges

Ezinne Osuagwu

Today on hair and beauty, we  are looking at a very common problem most ladies and even I face; Bald edges. I have had a receding hairline since I was in high school, and I wasn’t informed enough to tackle it when it first started but that was then. I cut off my hair and stopped relaxing it, and started taking better care of it. I am not there yet, but it’s coming.

Healthy hair is achievable with proper maintenance and by using products that work for your texture and needs. Excessive heat is never good and neither is over manipulation. If your hair is in a state of shock, don’t fret! There are ways to transform dry hair that is prone to breakage and protect and regrow thinning edges. Here are a few tips that have helped women grow out their bald edges.

Weaves can be your best friend or your worst enemy if you don’t learn to take breaks. A sew-in is a beautiful style, but rocking sew-ins all year round can strain your hairline causing missing edges. Ask your stylist about different techniques that can be done to save your hairline. Check out crochet braids for a change. Also, tiny cornrows may not be best if your hair is already thin, or maybe a net should be used instead of sewing directly into your braids.

Sometimes people look to braids as a protective style, but if the braider catches the hair around your crown too tight, the rest of your hair will be luscious, but your edges won’t. Make sure your stylist doesn’t braid the hair around your hairline too tiny, and if you see your edges starting to suffer already, apply a moisturizer or a hair oil to soothe, but tight weaving could damage your edges.

Some women find using relaxers makes their hair thinner, so going natural is an option. Other women have issues with pulling their hair back too much, causing thinning edges as well. Changing up hair styles that don’t pull on your hairline (no more ponytails or buns) are better styling choices.

The testimonials on Jamaican Castor Oil are, in a word, inspiring. The product is a natural hair growth remedy and users have been known to see amazing regrowth results within months. I am currently using this product, and I must say consistency is key. You’ll see results, if you are consistent.


Hiding behind bangs won’t make your hairline any better. Bangs or fringes are a great camouflaging hairstyle, but if you are using it as a crutch instead of addressing the underlying problem, you are only hurting yourself. Keeping your edges moisturized and stress-free is what helps to promote growth, leading to healthy edges.


Start sleeping on a satin pillowcase instead of a cotton one because the cotton pillowcase will absorb the natural oils and moisture right out of your hair. The friction between your hair and cotton pillowcase can lead to breakage. Your edges need those oils and moisture when they are thinning, so pamper them with the right nighttime treatments. If your satin bonnet or cap is too tight or is not satin around the edge you are doing more harm than good. Wear your satin bonnet inside out to keep your edges from rubbing against thread from the bonnet. Bonnets or caps that are too tight around your edges are not a good idea either for obvious reasons.


Back away from the brush, gels for your edges, or accentuating baby hair. Keep the baby hair for your baby and leave your edges alone.


I learnt of this method on the maximum hydration method. It has recorded a number of success stories and stressful as it is, it’s worth the try I promise. Maximum hydration is a method used by women trying to hydrate their hair and grow out edges. It involves using a number of products to ensure your hair retains enough water to the extent that in harsh weather conditions, it can hydrate itself. Look to google for more information on this method.

It will take time, money and dedication, but it will pay off if you take better care of your hair

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