“Unexpected details” describe the Cate Blanchett style
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“Unexpected details” describe the Cate Blanchett style

Ezinne Osuagwu

Cate Blanchett always keeps us guessing on or before an event. She’s one lady that always has you anticipating, guessing, waiting. Whenever she steps out, she’s the picture of simple high fashion elegance. She’s what I like to call the bloggers delight, because, you google her name and you’re greeted with so many stylish images of this beautiful woman. As she celebrates her birthday, our fashion page celebrates with her. Here are our top 5 Cate looks

Foreign couture always wows me with how unique and well made their dresses could be. This gorgeous nude dress matches her skin tone, the bedazzled applique paired with this colour makes her look almost ethereal. Minimal jewellery adds just the sparkle this needs to shine; and shine she did.

You remember the Beverly Naya layered dress I talked about that was badly fitted, yup, this is practically a better version and a better way to wear layered dresses. These layers flow in an asymmetrical fashion, that flatters her body, even though it’s not figure hugging.  It’s all proportioned layers and ruffles and a beautiful smile. That’s basically all it takes.

This fringed dress looks like the traditional native American outfit, I love the fit! Fortunately, fringe is so in right now, so this is in the right era. This outfit speaks for itself, it needs no accessories, and it’s so chic. Even a short person can rock a design like this. The hair, the style, it’s just gorge!!

White becomes her I must say. This dress sure comes with a lot of surprising details. When I saw just the front. It was so classy bordering on regal, then she turned around and it made me go whoa! Back details always does that to your dresses. Please spy the shoes, Pvc shoes make for subtle wow statements and the gold shoulder detail adds a playful modern vibe to it. This looks like two dresses in one. The bulky front and cut out back exactly describes the Cate Blanchett style; Unexpected.

Simple never looked better. This is just a regular velvet black dress (except for the fact that it might cost an arm and a leg) But the styling makes all the difference! I love the statement jewellery which is the wow factor of the outfit. Take a cue from her and pair a simple dress you own with a really loud neck wear that could make your outfit look like a million dollars.

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