Androgyny is Menswear fashion for women
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Androgyny is Menswear fashion for women

Ezinne Osuagwu

Androgynous fashion is a trend that has come to stay, at least for the time being. Androgynous fashion basically is men style fashion, worn by women. It’s a good way to stay creative, stylish and comfortable, but for me, it’s my go-to fashion trend for those lazy days when I just don’t have strength! Staying feminine when going androgynous is key when sporting the menswear trend and balancing these two factors (Femininity and Androgyny) is what separates you from the average fashion aficionado. Here are a few essential tips for rocking the androgyny trend.

Androgyny doesn’t necessarily mean shirt and pants, you could go bold and pair your pants suits with a round neck, or V-neck tee. This gives off cool effortless vibes.Throw on a pair of brogues or heels, Depending on how you feel.

Incorporating male accessories into your outfits could add a touch of glam to your outfits. Feeling bold? Button up your shirt and wear a neck tie. To give an unserious take on the neck tie, tuck it into your cardigan or blazer and button it up. It gives it a neckscarf feel, more casual than a tie.

We all know how guys love to throw on a cardigan on their collared shirts, well, we can play that game too, Throw on a cardigan on a shirt and leave the inner shirt untucked for a more masculine effect. Add a statement jewellery or a pair of heels, for that touch of feminine.

Disclaimer notice: please don’t pair you denim shirt with a cardigan when the clime is very hot, dress weather appropriate. There are lighter fabrics that could work. LOL

Men shoes are a fab way of adding an androgynous touch to your outfit. Thankfully, there are a lot of men inspired female footwear on sale so getting one shouldn’t be difficult. The tip is to get one that has a pointed toe style, rather than those with really curved toes, as this helps keep it feminine.

Hats are a definite way of adding a masculine touch to your outfit. Apart from protecting you from the sun (depending on how it’s worn) It immediately gives off masculine vibes, especially wide brim boater hats.

Androgyny is not exactly for everyone as it depends on your body type. If you already have a masculine structure, wearing feminine outfits that suits your frame is a better choice. Play around with male fashion pieces that appeal to you, and make them work for you.

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