Dose of style: Style inspirations for wearing denim to work
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Dose of style: Style inspirations for wearing denim to work

Ezinne Osuagwu

Depending on where you work, dressing up to the office doesn’t have to be austere, especially when it’s Thursday and Friday. Denim ensembles are usually less serious but when worn appropriately, they give off cool vibes of effortless chic. I’m not just referring to denim pants, but also skirts, jackets and dresses. Denim might have casual vibes, but when dressed up, it could transform and double as semi casual office attire.

I don’t exactly enjoy wearing ripped denim to the office, because all trends aren’t meant for the office, but if you have to, keep the rips to the barest minimal, That way, it gives subtle hints of chic without looking too casual and unserious.

Pair your denim skirt with a shirt and feel free to tuck in or leave untucked. Be sure to keep it chic with either a pair of heels or flats, sandals make it too bleh!

This is a cool take on the denim jacket, which normally looks very laid back, but when styled properly, could work for the office too.

This is a subtle way to rock the ripped jeans. Showing little skin, just 3 rips keeping it chic with a shirt, and the other with a blazer.

This is a fantastic rainy day outfit, substitute the coat for an oversize jacket or a kimono, while keeping the rest of your ensemble neutral.

Denims are fabulous on Thursdays and Fridays, and some other casual days, worn with heels, flats or sneakers, it’s all in the interpretation.

Any ideas?

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