10 ways to make your nail polish last longer
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10 ways to make your nail polish last longer

Ezinne Osuagwu

Wearing nail polish is a girl’s favorite thing, keeping them on is a different dilemma. The problem with applying nail polish is that after painstakingly trying to paint it as neatly as possible, two days later, poof! It’s already wearing out. little worry, here are a few things you can do to ensure that your nail polish stays on longer.

1. Use a cotton swab to wipe down your nails with white vinegar before applying basecoat.
This removes any product buildup or natural oils on your nail beds that could create a barrier between the polish. Once your nails dry, apply basecoat. Or clean your nails with nail polish remover before you apply base coat, it serves the same purpose.

2. Don’t soak nails before painting them.
Manicurists do this to soften cuticles, but it causes nails to retain water and expand. Once they’re painted they’ll shrink, meaning your polish will no longer fit your nails. So ask your manicurist to use cuticle oil instead.

3. Avoid getting any polish on your cuticles, which lifts the paint from the nail and leads to chipping.
Don’t cut your cuticles, but you can push them back using cuticle oil and an orange stick or a pusher tool to prevent paint from getting on them.

4. Apply two coats of basecoat to the tips of your nails.
Nail tips are more prone to chipping. Apply another layer of basecoat to the top half of your nails for extra polish resilience. Reapply a layer of clear topcoat every two to three days to prevent chipping and enhance shine.

5. Don’t skip the “free edge” of your nails.
Run the basecoat, paint, and topcoat around the edge to ensure your entire nail is sealed.

6. Instead of shaking your polish up and down, roll it between your hands to eradicate and prevent air bubbles.
If you paint air bubbles onto your nails, they’ll chip faster.

7. Wear gloves when doing the dishes to protect your manicure.
The fastest way to ruin a manicure is to submerge your nails in hot water and harsh cleaning chemicals. So if you needed an excuse not to do the dishes, there you go.

8. If you chip or smudge a nail, smooth the polish ridge with a cotton swap dipped in polish remover.
Otherwise if you just paint over it without smoothing it out, you’ll get a bumpy nail.

9. Polish should be applied in three narrow, even strokes — one down the center and one down each side — and then be allowed to dry for two minutes before a second coat is applied. The thicker the layer is, the more difficult it is for the solvent — the liquid agent in enamel — to evaporate, boosting the chances that polish will peel.

10. Give your polish a drink. The more your enamel dries out, the greater the likelihood that it will separate from your nail. Since topcoats don’t seal in hydration, apply oil to nails and cuticles before bedtime, and slather on a thick hand cream twice a day.

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