Menswear 102: 5 fashion staples a man should have
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Menswear 102: 5 fashion staples a man should have

Ezinne Osuagwu

Just like the ladies, men have staples which they must have to have a wardrobe you can work with even in dire straits. These staples make dressing up easier especially on days when you feel like there’s nothing to wear. Thus here are a few staples that can make any wardrobe complete.

A classic white shirt: Everyone knows that everyone needs a crisp white shirt. It’s the most versatile wardrobe staple as it can go from casual to corporate in a heart beat.

The classic suit: A suit is a timeless piece, especially when you buy the correct fit!  If you’re not a suit kind of guy, then buying one in grey, black or navy blue would be very sensible, as you can rerock and rerock and rerock. Just switch ties and shirts. Voila!

Jeans!: Not just any jeans. guys need that one pair of jeans, devoid of accouterments and shenanigans, with a good fit, that can serve different occasions and double as a go-to piece, anytime, any day.

A good quality watch: Let’s be honest, men get judged by the quality of their  accessories, hence a good wrist watch (You don’t have to go all freeze on me and get a Cartier he can’t even afford). Just one that says quality without too many blunders and designs.

A pair of leather shoes: Quality leather is a man’s best friend, and a good pair of leather shoes always speaks volumes for the man wearing them. Need I say more?

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