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Hairxperience – My battle with Alopecia
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Hairxperience – My battle with Alopecia

Ezinne Osuagwu

My natural hair journey has been a long and tiring one. I never knew my hair condition had a name. In fact, all my life I’ve known it as inherited bad hair, because my mom has no front hair, neither does her mom, so I learnt to accept my “bad hair” fate early in life.  It was when the natural hair trend started and I had read a lot of  success edge growth stories that I decided to give my edges a fighting chance.

Hairxperience – My battle with Alopecia
I didn’t care about my edges, I’ll make any hairstyle and style it anyhow I like

My first love is fashion, but because I don’t have edges, I learnt to love and accept my hair for what it is and adopted hair gels as my go-to styling cream of choice. I’d braid and install lace wigs – I didn’t care about my edges. It wasn’t going to stop me. That’s how it kept receding and receding.

February 2014, I took out my dad’s clipper and cut it all off. I wish I could say I was determined to grow my edges back and it was a brave move, nah! I just wanted to join the natural hair train because fuller hair meant more styling and hiding options for me, YAY!!! What no one told me was that it would take ages for my hair to grow.

Hairxperience – My battle with Alopecia
This was taken after my second haircut in April 2014

I have been growing this hair since last year o, but because my dad took it upon himself to escort me to the barbers shop whenever my hair had gotten a few inches long, saying the edges weren’t growing with the rest of the hair, my hair would have been longer. After 3 hair cuts, I decided to research. I realised I wasn’t using natural hair creams or moisturizers or conditioners, nothing! and I expected my edges to grow. LOL, that’s just funny.

I learnt about the Jamaican black castor oil and bought it online – with wigs – as my only source of hope, I applied religiously and judiciously until I started to see results. They were slow, but there was progress, that’s when I became comfortable letting my hair out.

Hairxperience – My battle with Alopecia
I started growing out my hair in September, this picture was taken in April

Every time it seems my edges are growing back, it starts cutting again, and I almost started not to care, in fact I began braiding again. I’ll fight with my hair dresser if she came close to my edges, and she’ll scream back that I should stop fighting her, my edges will never grow. It hurt a lot but hey! That’s not my truth.

I stumbled on the maximum hydration method on the BBM channel called Natural hair experience, and I’m currently trying out their Bald spot regimen. I can see sprouts of new growth but I have to wear a shower cap for three months to see real improvement and I’m one month gone already.

Honestly, I’m not there yet, I  believe in my edges and I know they’ll grow and I’ll beat those receding hairline genes (else I’ll have a laser surgery and fix the bugger) Just kidding!

Do you have a hairxperience? Please do share with us.