Hair and beauty: How to take care of your synthetic wigs
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Hair and beauty: How to take care of your synthetic wigs

Ezinne Osuagwu

As a naturalista, protective styling is very important, and sometimes, your hair just needs a breather! And wigs are your go-to protective style option. I have tons of wigs at home, the problem has always been maintenance. Unfortunately good human hair wigs are cut throat expensive, but there are some good quality synthetic wigs you can get for #9’000- #20,000, but they still need TLC. Here’s how to keep your synthetic wigs on fleek.

1) Know the quality of your wig: When you purchase a wig, first find out if it’s heat tolerant and if it can be washed. The cheaper ones don’t have this function but others do but to a certain extent. If you would like to curl your hair in future then make sure the one you buy can do this, others will probably melt upon heat application.

2) Detangling is important: There are detangling sprays which are suitable for synthetic weaves, but where you do not have access to these, start brushing your weaves from the tips and work your way upwards. Also avoid using a brush on the hair as this could damage the wefts. Normal combs will suffice.

3) Curling your wigs: Like I said, some synthetic fibers cant stand any type of heat, but some can. For those that can, to curl your wig, roll it up with rollers, heat some water until its warm (not boiling) If possible, test some small portion to make sure it isn’t too hot. Dip the rollers in the water and leave to dry naturally. Remove rollers when dry.

4) Avoid product build-up: Use cold water to wash off hair spray and other styling products with a mild shampoo and cold water or better still, invest in a shampoo designed for synthetic weaves because they are made of the same kind of fibers and it will help stop detangling

5) Trim your ends: When your weave becomes frizzy and is tangling, just take a pair of scissors and trim the frizzy ends. It’s better to buy short synthetic wigs as long ones are difficult to maintain. Already have a long one? Cut off the ends, you’ll be surprised.

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