Shopping on a budget? Here’s how to know what to buy
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Shopping on a budget? Here’s how to know what to buy

Ezinne Osuagwu

I love to shop, and that’s no secret but the problem is, after shopping I still used to look for what to wear! That was when I knew I wasn’t doing something right. Truth is, what I can buy with what I scrape out of my monthly income will not make any difference to my wardrobe if I don’t get the right things, hence the need to “Shop right” cannot be overemphasized.

The first tip to shopping on a budget is understanding that you’re no Floyd Mayweather, a wardrobe overhaul is almost impossible on a budget, (unless you want to buy the really cheap stuff) and finally you have to know that labels don’t go simultaneously with quality.

That said, here’s how to maximize your purchases on a budget.

Buy the basics: At the first visit, it’s best to purchase at least one or two pieces each of the things you need, and match them up with clothes you had before. The key is buying versatile pieces that could easily be paired up with other ensembles. For instance, you could get two pairs of jeans, two dresses, two blouses… Getting the idea?

Divide and conquer: Because you are on a budget, a complete overhaul is almost impossible, thus it’s best to pick out a portion of income you can dedicate monthly to shopping. Going to the market to buy everything at once isn’t cost effective and you’d probably be broke by the middle of the month. Thus by spreading out your needs and expenses, you’ll meet your overhaul goals in no time. For example, after the first trip, you can budget #20,000 monthly. Now you can decide whether that month you’ll buy pants, jeans and skirts, and next month another #20,000 for just dresses, and so it goes on.

Don’t invest all funds in labels: Some people try to save to splurge on designer brands. Let’s be fair, those items might last for years (though I can’t vouch for them) but we need to know that the biggest part of the price for a label is mostly 70%  brand name and 30% quality, hence their “pricey-ness”. Before you splurge on those Manolo Blahniks, make sure you have a good wardrobe to go with it.

Some pieces are worth splurging on: There are some clothing you need get for their quality, like Blazers, suits and bags. That’s understandable. These pieces are usually the main attraction of an outfit. But we need to remember that the supporting pieces that come with these items in an outfit, aren’t pricey and those are the building blocks of a great outfit; The inner shirt, belt, jeans and pants. So you don’t need so many statement pieces anyway.

Cheap clothes are stylish too: Don’t assume that because a dress is cheap it can’t be stylish. After all if it were stylish, it would have been expensive, right? Wrong. The style of a dress doesn’t dictate the price, the consumer does, hence do not refuse to buy an item because it’s cheap. Now reread the subtitle.

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