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How to organise your closet- Sorting out your bags

Ezinne Osuagwu

This is the third post on organising closets, because it’s such a wide topic and encompasses much more than I expected when I started. Ever have the feeling- Too many bags, so little space? We’ve been there too. When our bags aren’t properly kept, they tend to, with time, peel and get spoilt. Thus it’s important to learn creative ways to organise your bags

Organising my bags is next to impossible for me because I like to interchange my bags depending on my outfit and my moods, unfortunately, this causes me to always have to rifle through my closet looking for which matches what. So for once and for all, I hope the following pictorials can help you get organising your bags, right.

Here are some brilliant DIY suggestions I sourced that could make disorganised bag issues go away permanently.

Try storing your bags in a seperate rack entirely, that way you can stack up as many as you like

The hooks from your shower curtain could serve as bag hangers in your closet.

All your bags had better be pretty if you want to try this out. Lol

Do note that when hanging your handbags, ensure that they are empty to prevent tear from hanging in the long run. I hope these tips have been helpful.  Do give us feedback if any of these worked for you.

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